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Build Your Flab to Fab 15 Minute Fitness Plan

The secret in developing the Perfect Personal Fitness Training Program begins with the following Flab to Fab Personal Fitness Training Tips.


1. Focus on the Four Major Muscles Groups Stay away from Isolation Exercises. Burn fat and build muscle when working those Major Large Muscle Groups more often.

a. Legs Squat

b. Chest Chest Press

c. Back Bent Over Rows

d. Shoulders Overhead Press


2. Perform Compound Exercises (Multi Joint movements) Working multi-joints at the same time provides maximum benefit to your muscles,

a. Legs Lunge or Squat (Hip and Knee Joint)

b. Chest Chest Press (Shoulder and Elbow Joint)

c. Back Bent Over Row (Shoulder and Elbow Joint)

d. Shoulders Overhead Press (Shoulder and Elbow Joint)


3. Perform Supersets No Rest Between 2 Exercises. Working more than one muscle with no break provides and efficient and effective workout.

a. Work opposing Muscle Groups: Chest then Back

b. Work alternating between Upper and Lower Body: Chest then Legs


4. Perform Circuit Training No Rest through your entire workout. Circuit Set Training turns your Fitness Training into High Intensity Resistance Training.

a. Train for maximum gain by performing all your exercises with no break.


5. Build your Fitness Training with Value and Flexibility in Mind A Great Fitness Value with Outstanding Fitness Benefits.

a. Train with a quality Stability ball.

b. Train with Dumbbells while at home or at the gym.

c. Train with Exercise Bands while traveling on the road for work or vacation.


By Robert Adams, Body Perfect Fitness


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