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Personal Training Q&A

Q: What is a cardio circuit?

A: That would be picking 2 or more cardio machines/workouts and moving from one to the other every 2-15 minutes. For example 10 minutes on a stationary bike, then 10 minutes on a treadmill- running, then 10 minutes on a stair climber. Or you could go at it running laps at the track, then running stairs, then some other type of outdoor cardio.


Q: Why do I need to perform independent cardiovascular workouts?

A: To really improve a persons cardio fitness it is best to do them separately and really focus on the cardio workout. For example I do 2 runs a week. Tues. I do hard fast 800 or 12 meter runs, with 60 second rest. Then on Friday, I do a long slow run of 60-75 minutes. I keep this all separate from weights/strength workouts to get all I can from the individual workout.


Q: When should I perform my weight resistance routines and independent cardio workouts?

A: You can break them up on separate days or you can do a weight work out, then do the cardio after a short rest. Or Later that day as long as you get some good active recovery, lots of water and stretching.


Q: What is the "core" and why is it so important?

A: The core is your abs and trunk area. All movement initiates from the core. Walking, running, bicep curls, etc starts from the abs, lower back, oblique, etc. From the bottom of your ribs to the top of the pelvis, all around the body.


Q: What type of routine should I use when lifting weights?

A: This is depending on what your goals and body types are. Generally, people would separate the muscle parts by days. Target 2 body parts a day and leave two rest days for your body to rebuild and rest. Same goes with abs.


Q: Free weights vs. Machines? What's the difference?

A: I personally like free weights, but there are times when I need to use the machines for other muscle parts, like legs and gluts. Its more of a personal interests rather than what's best for building.

Q: I am a 23 years old, skinny built and I weight at 144 pounds. I've been working out on and off since high school. I also eat a lot, but for some reason I cannot gain any mass. Some say it's because of my high metabolism. What can I do to gain more mass?

A: I'm neither a dietitian nor a nutritionist, but I would continue to eat a lot but more protein and complex carbs. Go to your book store or library and read up on complex carbs. Or ask a dietitian for some advice. As far as putting on mass, I would lift heavy with lower reps. (See a personal for hands on training with out hurting yourself).


Q: Should I eat before or after training? What types of foods are best to consume before/after working out?

A: Again, depending on your goals. I'm a competitors, so I don't eat before my morning exercise. I get up at 4:00am to do cardio and eat my egg whites and oatmeal as my first meal. Then train with weights later in the day. If you are runner, then you would need to eat more often and different kind of food or running energy. If you are just trying to stay in shape, then eat first, let your stomach settle for 1hour then follow your training routine.


Q: How to get a washboard stomach?

A: There are so many ways you can get a washboard stomach. But you have to keep in mind to have a proper diet and a lot of cardio exercise along with exercise. Here are a few exercises you can do to get great abs. Do crunches, bicycles, and set ups. Or do the old fashion way, set ups. Do 150-200 3 times a week. (for a every day flat stomach, just do 50-100 a day 3 times a week.


Q: What should my heart rate be to lose FAT?

A: Your resting heart rate should be 78-98bpm. This is a broad question because taking to consideration everyone is different, body type, height, weight and depending on what type of cardiovascular exercise or work out routine you do, those exercise will make your heart rate rise differently. If you walk or jog on the treadmill, and your heart rate is 130 or more then you need to do more cardio exercise on a regular. If you work out with weight and your heart rate is higher then 130-then you need to exercise more. The more you sweat the more you burn. The best way to go about this is to listen to your body.


Q: How long should I work out to burn FAT?

A: Burning fat is hard. The more you do cardiovascular exercise, the more you are burning your fat. At the same time you are also exercising your heart to prevent heart disease and stroke. An average person should do 30min or cardiovascular exercise everyday. This includes gardening, walking, jogging or cleaning house. If you are looking to loose weight and tone up, I would say everyday about 30-45 minutes a day. After you reach your goal at weight lose, then start building your body with muscle.


By Yvonne Bates, Personal Trainer


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