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Yoga Positions

You may or may not know this but there is more to yoga than just gaining flexibility. Yoga has simple, yet effective ways to strengthen one’s back, tone the stomach, and redistribute body weight.

Yoga Asanas or positions are one of the best when it comes to toning lubricating joints, toning muscles, and massaging the body. Yoga positions bring the body physical, as well as mental stability, health and vigor. Yoga Asanas have been around thousands of years ago, and since then have evolved over the centuries. They work wonders in keeping the body healthy and mind peaceful. Asanas exercises the nerves, glands, ligaments and muscles. In other words, yoga exercises are the most comprehensive method of self care.

Here are some yoga tips and positions to practice with.

Breathing: Breathe through nose only. 6 breaths for each pose. Feel the muscle being stretched.

Mountain: Feet hip apart, strong stable legs. Don't stick butt out. Inhale: arms up. Exhale: arms down. Each side, 3 breaths, lean on side opposite to raised arm, face chest to the ceiling.

Warm up: Mountain pose. 3 Shoulder circles (up, forward, down, back). 3 Shoulder circles (up, back, down, forward). Shoulder and arm circles, one arm at a time. Interlace fingers in front, arms straight up, palm facing down. Inhale: stretch arms up. Exhale: relax shoulders. Interlace fingers behind, raise arms behind. Interlace fingers in front, turn hand inside out, rise above head, palm facing up.

Cat: From cross-legged, hip to side, onto hand and knees. Hands directly under shoulders, fingers spread. Inhale: shoulders away from ears. Exhale: head down, relax belly into the spine.

Standing forward bend: Hands to hip, bend knees, extend body forward, release fingers floor next to toes, fingers apart, facing forward. Inhale: hands lift head up. Exhale: head down, lower hands. Feel the hamstring being stretched.

Wide Leg standing forward bend: Feet 4ft wide. Engage knee cap muscles (up). Dynamic: Up and down with arms, with head touching ground. Static: Head to floor, shoulders up and away from head.

Low lunge twist: Forward bend. Left foot way back. Place hand on knee. Inhale: straighten back. Exhale: push heel forward. Cat pose. Move other foot forward and hand on knee. Back to forward bend and up. Challenge: lift arms straight up, hands together.

Standing side stretch: Start with mountain pose. Wide legs, extend arms out straight in line with the other leg, lean towards on side. Don't stick butt out. Inhale: spin chest to the ceiling. Exhale: ground outside of the stretched foot. To come up push away with the heel.

Triangle: Similar to side stretch except do not bend knees. Hand to floor behind the leg, straight arm. Other arm stretched straight up. Lookup to the hand. Don't stick butt out.


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