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Lashes & Brows

Lavish, luscious lashes! That’s what every woman wants. Lashes not only help define our eye but bring dimension to it as well. As a makeup artist, mascara is my favorite makeup product. I never feel the eye is complete without that finishing touch of mascara.

Now the trend in lashes is long, bold but very defined lashes. Get those clumps out! No chocolate cake crumbs on the lashes anymore! With the new mascaras on the market that have superior definition quality, it’s easier than ever to get beautiful, bold lashes. My personal favorites are Dior Show Black Out, Cover Girl’s Lash Blast. And my staple mascara I couldn’t live without L’OrealVoluminous.

When applying them, be sure to start at the base and stroke through the tips. This will ensure a full lash from root to tip. Don’t dip the mascara again. Then using the wand, work through the lashes to separate and sculpt them. For bottom lashes I always find it easier to hold the wand vertical and sweep the lash line. You will get less “spotting” on the skin, and less clean up. Also remember to never “pump” your mascara. This will dry it out faster. Try swirling the wand in the tube to get more product on the wand. And don’t forget to replace your mascara every month or so to keep your eyes safe from bacteria build up. Most importantly, always wash off your mascara before bed. You can actually break your lashes if you sleep with your makeup on.

Now we know that mascara brings out the eye. But the eyebrows frame the face. Yes! Not just the eyes but they help open and lift the entire face. No more pencil thin eyebrows or a bushy uni-brow. The style now is naturally shaped brows.

How do you know what your brow shape is? Well you could go to a professional and have them waxed, tweezed or threaded. But you can also figure it out for yourself. Get you hands on a long handle makeup brush. Line it up with the outer nostril of your nose and hold it to the inner corner of your eye. This is where your eyebrow should start. Next take the brush, same starting point then direct the brush toward the iris of the eye. That point is the arch of your brow. Finally, outer nostril again, then outer corner of eye that is where your eyebrow ends. Always fill in brows with a shade lighter brow powder for a soft, natural look.

Now you’re on your way to fabulous eyes with amazing brows and lashes!   

Author: Karen Cecilia, Makeup Artist, NYC


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