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Summer Hair Care

Summer brings with it flip flops, ice cream, and lazy afternoons at the beach. Unfortunately, summer also brings an unwanted guest: frizzy, fried, brittle hair. But you donít have to look like a scarecrow in September if you take action now to protect your hair from the hazards of summertime. Here are the major culprits and what to do about each.


The Sun

You wouldnít dream of going to the beach without slathering on sunscreen, would you? Intense sunlight damages unprotected hair just as it does skin. Sunlight doesnít just bleach your hair; it also dries it out and causes split ends. The result: brittle, frizzy straw. The simplest and best solution is to wear a hat or colorful scarf. If youíre not a hat person, use a conditioner with UV protection. At a pinch, you can always rub some regular sunscreen into your hair and scalp, paying particular attention to your part line.



Chlorine makes pools safe to swim in, but itís also a harsh disinfectant that can turn your hair frizzy, dull, or even green. You can minimize chlorine damage by rinsing your hair with clean, cool water before you step into the pool. Your hair is like a sponge: if itís already full of clean water, it wonít be able to absorb much chlorine. You can also apply a leave-in conditioner to seal your cuticles and keep chlorine out. Afterwards, use a clarifying shampoo and an intense conditioner. If you swim frequently, the best solution is a bathing cap.



More romantic than chlorinated pool water but equally harmful, seawater contains a lot of salt and other heavy minerals and pollutants which dry out your skin and hair, leaving you with that characteristic tight, sticky feeling. As with chlorine, rinse or treat your hair before going in, and use a clarifying shampoo and moisturizing conditioner afterwards. Consider using leave-in conditioners throughout the summer for extra moisture protection.



It may look great in films, but hair that is allowed to whip in the wind is sustaining very real damage. The wind can cause tangling, splitting, and breaking. Skip the romantic fantasies and pull your hair back into a loose bun or ponytail.


Color and Heat Treatments

As you are probably aware, color and heat treatments weaken your hair and leave it more susceptible to damage by all four of these elements. Give your hair a break from the chemicals and treatments this summer. Skip the blowdryer and color or treat your hair early in the season or not at all. Your hair will thank you for it in September!

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