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Summer Shoes 2009


With summer practically breathing down our necks, itís time to stash the last pair of socks into the back of the drawer and find some shoes that will get us through the season in style and comfort. Summer 2009ís trends range from sassily vintage to elegantly muted. Youíre sure to find something that will work for you!



Theyíre back with a vengeance, and taller than ever. The good news is that platforms continue to be the most comfortable high heels because both heel and toe are elevated, putting less strain on the arch. Youíll find platforms integrated into a number of the other hot trends this summer, such as:


Gladiator Sandals

Thatís right: Russell Crowe has not yet left the arena. Or if he has, heís left his shoes behind. Strappy and many-buckled, these sandals are a creative re-imagining of what Roman slaves might actually have worn. Dubious historical accuracy aside, gladiator sandals are a lot of fun and come in a wide range of styles. Women with long legs and thin ankles can carry off the most elaborate, knee-high ones; the rest of us can make do with sparser and more modest models. (We donít recommend gladiatorial combat in either type, though.)


Decorative Details

If youíre not so into straps (and we canít blame you for not wanting to spend five minutes putting on shoes), you have alternatives. This summer, you can go for sewn on beads, jewels, sequins, or other such details. If you have an inner hippie, fringe is a good option; for women with inner (or outer) punks, metal studs are also a possibility.


Muted Metallics

Conservative about your footwear? Donít worry. Muted metallic fabrics are perfect for you. Rather than the brash golds and silvers of the 80s, todayís metallics are antique pewter, oil rubbed bronze, coppery gold. (Yes, weíre still talking about shoes, not cabinet hardware.) Classily distressed and elegantly old world, metallic shoes Ė including both pumps and flats Ė are subtle neutrals that add a touch of shimmer and interest to your outfit.



For the love of animals and your wallet, go for the fake stuff. And no, itís not automatically chintzy! Choose a good quality one and a classic shoe style (we recommend the peep toe), and youíll have that classy vintage-yet-modern look. A little texture, a hint of danger, whatís there not to love?


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