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Wearable Fall Trends 2009


Itís time to heave a sigh of relief: swimsuit season is officially over. Fall fashion brings with it more texture, more elegance, and more coverage. As always, some trends are only wearable if you happen to be six feet tall and willowy, but 2009 also features a number of trends that the non-statuesque amongst us can wear. Hereís the best and most flattering of whatís in this season:

  • Black (and gray). Sleek, tailored layers of gray and black make for crisp, slimming ensembles. You probably already have most of what you need to pull off this look. Choose well-fitting pieces with clean lines and subtle details to maximize the art of elegant understatement.

  • Teal, tangerine & amethyst. Not at the same time, mind you. These saturated, rich hues look best by themselves. Even better, these sophisticated colors look great on a huge range of skin tones. Choose from big blocks of color like dresses and coats to smaller accents such as pumps or purses.

  • The shoulder. Starting from Michelle Obamaís inaugural one-shouldered dress, the shoulder has enjoyed renewed popularity throughout 2009. Sexy yet refined, tops and dresses that reveal a little (or more than a little) shoulder are a staple for playing fall dress-up.

  • Muted sparkle. Sequins and metallics have made their way into day wear. Paired with muted and more conservative pieces, sparkly pieces go underground to add subtle glamour without any over-the-top glitz. Use them as accent pieces to spice up your day and office wear.

  • The 80s. All is not lost: if you canít stand big shoulders and acid washed jeans, you have plenty of other options this fall. If you still miss your teased hair, however, hereís the perfect opportunity to indulge in a toned down version of the 80s silhouette. And thereís good news: while strong shoulders (achieved with extra fabric, gathering, and tailoring) are back, shoulder pads are not.

  • Colorful coats. One really good coat can transform your entire fall/winter wardrobe. No single piece in your wardrobe will be seen first or as often as your coat, so get one that fits and flatters. And skip the black or navy blue this fall Ė a rich, jewel tone will give you much needed pick-me-up in gray weather.


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