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Swimwear trends 2009


Itís late spring. The task youíve been dreading can no longer be put off. Unless youíre shaped like a supermodel, shopping for a new swimsuit can be a daunting task. Resist the temptation to resuscitate your dingy old swimsuit! 2009ís swimwear trends run the gamut from eye-poppingly daring to elegantly subtle, so whatever your shape, youíll be able to find a flattering and stylish suit that youíre comfortable wearing. Here are some of the top trends of 2009:

  1. The one-shouldered look. Inspired, perhaps, by Michelle Obamaís inaugural dress, the one-shouldered cut has even made its way into swimsuits. The asymmetrical neckline lengthens the neck and torso and seductively bares one shoulder. You can play it demure or sassy: a one-shouldered suit can be an elegant twist on the standard maillot, whereas a one-shouldered bikini makes a bold, sexy statement.

  2. Cut-outs. You may not want to go for the bandage look of the extreme cut-out suit, but the monokini can be a fun, flirty alternative to the bikini. Depending on the location and size of the cut-outs, these swimsuits can reveal as much or as little skin as youíre comfortable showing.

  3. Vintage-inspired. If you long for the days in which bikini bottoms covered a little more of, well, your bottom, youíll be delighted to learn that vintage style cuts and prints are back. Whether you opt for a 1940s striped pin-up style bikini or a sunny, skirted, polka dot one-piece, sweet-but-sexy vintage style swimsuits are bringing welcome relief to tummies, thighs, and female egos everywhere.

  4. Bold jewel tones. If you want something brighter than a vintage stripe or polka dot, tropical colors like fuchsia, turquoise, and tangerine are perfect for making a statement. You can find them as striking colorblocks, solids, or accents on otherwise neutral swimsuits.

  5. Prints. Geometric, ethnic, animal, retro, paisley Ė itís all good this year, as long as it flatters your shape and tickles your fancy.

  6. Sheer cover-ups. Because swim-suits arenít really just about swimming, these light cover-ups can add a touch of elegance and enigma to your look this summer. Pale and prone to floating, these updated togas can have you drifting ethereally along the strand in style.

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