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Spring 2009 Trends


It’s time to put away those shapeless winter coats and clunky boots: spring fashion has arrived. Fresh new looks and soft fabrics dominated 2009’s spring runway, and adapting runway looks for your wardrobe can be comfortable, attractive, and affordable. From cityslicker metallics to retro geometric prints, we think you’ll find something that works for you. Here are some of the top trends and how to carry them off with panache.


Trend #1: 3D and textured fabrics

Asymmetric origami-like folds, retro ruffles, and complex pleats are all in this spring. Single color tops or dresses with unusual stitched-in details make a subtle and elegant statement.


Trend #2: Roomy trousers

The end of uncomfortable, skin-tight jeans just might be in sight. Although you can continue to wear skinny jeans, spring brings softer, roomier pants. Harem pants, loose cotton and linen capris, wide-legged trousers, and soft shorts are all in fashion. Remember, the wider or looser your trousers, the more fitted your top should be.


Trend #3: A shot of bright color

Bright yellow is in this spring. But if, like many people, you’re leery about wearing yellow, you have other options. One vibrant piece in your wardrobe – a cherry blazer or a cerulean mini skirt – updates your look without making you look like a box of crayons. Don’t try pairing brights with blacks, either – you might just end up looking like an escapee from the 1980s. Stick with whites or denim instead.


Trend #4: Nudes and blush colors

A great alternative to bright colors, soft peachy corals and muted pinks are equally in this season. Look for these colors in soft, flowing fabrics; they’ll complement and warm your pale winter skin.


Trend #5: Embellishments and metallic details

The main thing to keep in mind about wearing sequins, beadwork, and metallics is moderation. A top with a shimmering beadwork design, a metallic pewter pencil skirt – either can add casual sophistication to your outfit, but don’t wear both at the same time.


Trend #6: Geometric and retro prints

Geometric prints both subtle and bold are in. Don’t forget the cardinal rule about wearing prints: larger frames can carry off larger prints, but smaller frames should stick with smaller prints.


Trend #7: Big jewelry

From bib-like necklaces to chandelier earrings, big jewelry is in this season. Avoid a fashion faux pas by wearing just one type of statement jewelry at a time: a chunky cocktail ring, a big ethnic necklace, or shoulder-brushing earrings.


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