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Makeup Trends for Spring 2009

No more heavy brows or glittery bronzers: contour, softness, and subtlety are in this spring. The season’s colors – soft peachy pink, silvery lilac, and a hint of berry – are extremely wearable and look fantastic on everyone, not just models. Get your spring face on with these tips!



Spring 2009’s face is flawless, glowing with youth and health. If you need a little help achieving this dewy fresh look, sheer mineral makeup or tinted moisturizer can smooth uneven skin tone and cover up pesky dark circles. Don’t forget the sunscreen!



Fall’s smoky eye lives on this spring, albeit in a subdued incarnation. Light, sophisticated eyeshadow colors such as silver, lavender, and peach will open up your eyes without making you look like a raccoon. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can pair your eyeshadow with a set of false eyelashes. Good quality false eyelashes, properly applied, add fantasy and allure to your look.



You have two choices for your lips this spring: nude or berry. Nude tones focus the attention on your beautifully smoky eyes; fuchsia stained lips on an otherwise lightly made up face offer a bold splash of color. Either way, avoid glitter and shimmer: matte lipstick, sheer stains, and subtle shine are in this season.



Contoured cheeks and soft, dewy blushes are a perennial favorite for spring. Choose a peach, rose, or lilac blush and apply sparingly to attain that youthful glow. Stay away from browns and reds; they’re far too heavy-handed for spring’s delicate look.

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