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Spring 2010 Fashion Trends


The snow may still be falling, but spring is just around the corner. (Trust us on this one.) Can’t wait to peel off the gloves, hats, and bulky sweaters? Here’s a peek at what’s in store for spring 2010.

Boyfriend blazers

There’s something wonderfully, casually sexy about the boyfriend trend. From the perennially popular boyfriend jeans to the oversized button down, we’ve now moved into boyfriend blazers – un-fussy, broken-in blazers that are just a little too big. Worn with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of khakis, the look is confident and comfortable with none of that trying-too-hard vibe. And here’s the best part: if your significant other isn’t too much larger (the blazer should be no more than about 2” wider than your actual shoulders), you don’t even have to buy one.

Neutral tones

If you bought into the neutrals trend of 2009, you’ll be happy to know that they’re still a hot item for 2010. And why not? Soft nude tones, corals, peaches, off-whites, and even grays come in a wide range of colors that flatter every skin tone and hint at sophistication and subtlety. Look perfectly put together in a solid neutral dress, or pair a wispy top with your favorite jeans.

Sheers & cut-outs

Before you cross this one off the list, you should know that sheers and cutouts are more suggestive than revealing this year. And even if some of the runway looks are still a bit risqué, they’ll be considerably toned down when they make it to stores. Whether you’d like to show a lot or just a little, sheers and cutouts offer an alluring glimpse of unexpected skin – perfect for a night out.


Birds, beware! This spring, feathered skirts, tops, and dresses were all over the runway. But if you can’t afford or don’t want the hassles of cleaning a fully feathered piece, feathered accents are a great way to get in on this trend. From feathered hems or necklines to feathered purses, hair accessories, or even lightweight but eye-catching jewelry, the look can be as understated or over the top as you choose. Peacock feather earrings, anyone?

Short hems

Here’s a good reason to start hitting the gym again: short hems are in this spring. And by short, we mean short. Models strutted down the runway in hot pants and micro-minis. Fortunately, there are alternatives for people not blessed with legs that go on forever. If you’d really rather not bare all, you can opt for the always flattering above the knee length, or go for a high-split dress, which offers an elongated flash of leg without the cellulite.


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