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Show Your Colors Summer 2008


Summer is here and shopping for new clothes is a fun break from busy summer schedules. Color is a key element in fashion decisions, letting you stay in tuned with trends while expressing yourself. A favorite color is as personal as a favorite song, so remember to stay true to yourself. The good news is almost every color in the rainbow is in style right now and you can find a style you love in many beautiful colors. Whether you shop at the mall, boutique shops or on-line, here are some factors to consider when you choose a color:

This Season's Color Trends - Summer 2008 Neutrals - Brown is becoming the old black. Although it is not out of style, navy or black are the hottest dark neutrals. Basics in these colors are always a safe bet. Blouses, dresses and skirts incorporating sheer fabric in black or navy is an elegant choice for evening. Khaki and many shades of grey and beige are showing up in safari clothing.

Brights - Blouses, sundresses, shorts and tops, even colored jeans colored bright for 2008. Purple, yellow, turquoise, coral, lime green, pink, orange and cobalt blue are hot for 2008.

Pastels - Any color trend for brights avails itself in pastel colors for all types of clothing from casual to formal.

Complimentary Colors

Many people do not know what colors look best on them. You should always wear colors and styles that you love, but a color close to your face that does not flatter will ruin your look. Ir you are not sure what colors look best on you, experiment. If a color looks great on you, chances are you will receive a complement. For example, many people look great in bright colors, but you might look especially great in bright pink. Wear colors you love every day. A special occasion deserves the color you love as well as one that looks great on you.

There are many warm/cool theories. The best test is look in the mirror or ask your friends. Remember, make-up should never clash with your clothing. For example, cool tone clothing should be accompanied by cool toned or neutral make-up.

What Colors Do You Love?

If trends have colored your opinion for so long that you don't remember your own favorite colors ask yourself these questions:

  1. What color is my favorite flower? Favorite gemstone?

  2. Which do you think is the most beautiful: a meadow full of flowers (what color?),, a blue mountain or ocean, a scene of green trees or grass. A golden hill-side?

  3. What was your favorite color as a child?

Answer these questions to yourself and be sure to buy a new outfit that somehow features your newly discovered favorite.

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