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Choosing Safer Cosmetics Fall Skin Care Tips

Did you know that the FDA does not regulate the cosmetics industry? With a very few restrictions on ingredients, cosmetics can ...


If you abused your skin all summer (and even if you didn’t), fall is a great time to let your skin heal from summer and prepare it for ...


Winter Hand Care Freckle Removal

Wintry weather can leave your hands dry, irritated, and downright scaly. The cold temperatures aren't the only culprit: indoor heating ...


Bleaching agents, the most conventional treatment for freckles, have limited success in masking the appearance of freckles. Bleaching ...


Acne Cure Plan Summer Time Skin Care Tips

Even if you were among the lucky few who missed the curse of acne as a teenager, you can still experience breakouts well into your 40s ...


Its summer time and you know what that means…More time in the sun! More time outdoors is more like it. But what does that mean to your ...


24Hour Zip Zapper How to Sun-Proof and Age-Proof Your Skin

What causes us to lose hair?! Of course we all know that age plays a key role when it comes to hair loss. Why do we lose hair while we’re ...


Did you know sunshine is considered the single biggest cause of visible aging? Exposure to sun can lead to wrinkles, age spots and skin cancer.


How To Eliminate Blackheads Masks That Work Magic

Many of us have personal weight-gain or weight-loss goals. Some of us try to bend the rules and try out diet programs , experiment with ...


The trick to eating less is to make yourself think that you haven't changed a thing. All of these tricks can work for you, just give it a try.


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Everyone seems to think that drinking lots of water keeps your skin clear and hydrated. For most people, this is true.


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