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8 Tips for Prom Dress Shopping


Prom season is officially here. Youíve got a date, but what are you going to wear to the biggest event of your high school career? Shopping for that elusive perfect prom dress can be stressful, so here are some tips to put the fun back in!

  1. Shop early. It can take multiple stores and shopping trips to decide on just the right dress. If you start looking 1-2 months in advance, you wonít feel pressured to buy the first decent dress you come across, and the stores wonít yet be picked over. There are times when itís OK to procrastinate. Prom dress shopping is not one of them.

  2. Eat before you shop. (But not too much.) Low blood sugar can make all of us cranky, tired, and indecisive. Not a good thing when youíre trying to make an important decision.

  3. Wear comfortable, easy to remove shoes. Two reasons: prolonged shopping in uncomfortable shoes is miserable, and boutiques will often require you to remove your shoes when you enter anyway.

  4. Research before you go. Jump online and check out this yearís fashions to get a sense for whatís going to be in stores and what styles might look good on you.

  5. Respect your body. The perfect dress will maximize your assets and minimize your flaws, but you need to know what they are first. You can find guides online that show ways to deal with wide hips, small busts, short legs, and just about any other problem area. But donít be afraid to try on dresses you donít think will work. You might just be pleasantly surprised!

  6. Donít buy anything that you need to lose weight to fit into. Itís one thing to buy a dress that needs to be hemmed, and quite another to buy one that doesnít actually zip all the way. Instead, go for one that fits and flatters how you look now.

  7. Wear the underwear or shape garments you intend to wear on prom night. Your measurements can change significantly depending on what bra you wear or whether you have any shape garments on. For a fit you can count on, decide ahead of time what underwear youíll wear to prom and have it on when you go shopping.

  8. Bring an honest friend. Prom dress shopping with a good friend can make the outing much more fun. Just make sure that you choose a friend who will be truthful about how you look. This is no time for flattery!


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